Xfit Lab is coming to SRCF…

xfit lab


And here’s what we’re bringing: Impedance Testing

Prepare to know your numbers!! This isn’t just a body fat test, with our Inbody Machine we will tell you:

  • How many pounds of muscle you have on your body
  • How many pounds of water you have on your body
  • The amount of muscle (in pounds) on your L arm, your R arm, your L let, your R leg, etc. (aka segment analysis of exactly how much muscle you have)
  • Your perfect body fat
  • Your BMI
  • Total pounds of fat on your body
  • Metabolic rate


Test Details:

  • You do not need to fast for this test
  • Come in exercise clothes (sports bra / shorts)
  • This should be done BEFORE you work out
  • Cost $40


VO2…meet. WOD

VO2 tests how your body uses oxygen while exercising at various intensities.  During the test you will walk, run, ride or row with increasing difficulty. As your body breathes harder and energy needs increase, we will gather the info on how fast your heart beats, what type of fuel you burn (carbohydrates or fats) and just how well your engine runs.  


Why Me?

Because we are all here to get stronger, be healthier, perform better and learn more about ourselves. For example you find that halfway through a killer WOD your losing steam or crapping out – tanks empty and just not feeling strong for second half, we will use Vo2 results to determine at what point you have exhausted your fuel tank (carb source) and are working with your gas light on (burning fats too quickly). If your battling with your weight we will determine what heart rate your body will burn the most calories (and no its not as simple as higher heart rate more calories burned) then, in your workouts train at that heart rate. If you do individualized programming your coach will use this in your training program.


Lets Test!

So here is what you need to know to make this test happen: xFitLab is coming to SRCF Monday September,   from

To sign up for testing that day e-mail Dr. Jaime at xfitlab@gmail.com or sign up with Coach Ryan!

– You must do this test BEFORE you workout

– You can’t eat or drink anything 2 hours before test

– No caffeine 3 hours before test

– Wear running shoes and workout clothes  

– Smile for the camera, if you want we will video and pic you during test to post to your IG account!

The cost of the test is 99$ (can be paid via cash, check, cc, paypal or venmo).


Still Unsure…

Stop by any Monday at CFM and watch the test being done, ask some questions, take a look at the test report or just hangout with us and learn more!