3-5 minutes of movement prep
BB strict press
dip drive work
hip hinge work
body positioning on wall walk


A1 Push Press x5x3 then x 3×3, rest 40-60 seconds
A2 Sorensen hold x 30-45 seconds (weighted if you can) x 6 rounds, rest 40-60 seconds
in front of a clock set for 25 minutes
teams of 3 have to work to finish as much as the following as they can
1 mile sled push @ 2/1 plates on top
30 wall walks **alternate however you want

*for the sled push one person must walk with 35/24# Kbs the whole time (they can never hit the ground). You can switch teammates as you want, one person hold one while the other partner hold the other etc…

cool Down
partner OH stretch x 30 sec. x 2
pigeon pose x30 sec. x 2
Seated forward fold with shoulder pass through x 10