12-15 minutes of snatch work. Follow the progression below as you warm up..
~Snatch; 3-4 sec. lift to top of knee then explode x 2 singles x 2 sets
~Snatch from pause @ knee x 2 singles x 1 set
~Snatch @ 80% of last weeks heavy single for 4-6 singles

**for those who choose not to snatch
a1 weighted back ext. x 8-10×4
a2 neutral grip row x 8-10/sidex4
a3 BN Snatch grip Push Press x 5 reps x 4sets
23 minute amrap
50m sled push @ 3/2 plates
3 rounds of “cindy”
40 double unders
30 seated russain twist **no weight and both hands must touch the ground each side