Theraband work
upper lat foam roll x 30 seconds per side
half kneeling bottoms up press x 10/side
bottoms of squat hold – collect 2 minutes
Lateral squats w/ hold x 5/side
Hip Hinge x 20 reps
5-7 minutes of movement prep


A Snatch work x 12 minutes **building from last week

**for those who are not snatch
1a Single leg DL x 5/side x3
1b Seated bench support DB ext. rot. 90/90 x 8/side x3
1c kb front rack bulgarian split quat x 5/side x 3
16 minute amrap
1 rope climb
2 rounds of (10 DB lunge jumps @ 20/10# + 30 double unders)
3 box jump overs, 30/24″
5 sec. L-sit hold or 10 sec. tuck hold

right into

800m farmers walk, 35/24# per hand