oam roll upper lat
*half kneeling bottoms up press
*Plate windmill
*goblet lateral squats
*x-band walks x 10side
*spider man walk
5 minutes of movement prep


A1 Sled drag (backwards) x 30 sec. x 4, rest 30 sec.
A2 Prone KB row x 10×4, rest 30 sec.
A3 Belly to wall handstand hold x 30-40 sec.x 4, rest 30 sec.
“Blink 181”
Teams of 2 must complete the following
switching every 40 sec.
2K row
200 russain swings, 70/55# (shoulder height only)
200 push ups

Cool Down
partner OH stretch x 30 sec. x 2
banded leg stretch x 30 sec. per direction