Time for a Change with Coach Mandy!

Are you tired of making resolutions that last for 2-3 months and then fall off? Why do we have to feel so deprived when we are trying to eat healthy?!?! I am all about adopting new habits and training your brain to WANT the foods that are truly going to fuel your body. It’s not an easy process but if you have patience and the right support system it can be done! Starting Jan 14th-15th Coach Mandy will be running a 5-week program to help kick-start your new eating habits! There will be meal plans, an accountability sheet at the gym (to ensure you are getting your workouts in too!) and a special partnership with RosieJo’s meals to help make prep even easier! All participants will be entered to win a FREE nutrition session at the end of the program. There will be a start-up presentation held during week 1(Jan 14/15) and a closing ceremony at the end of week 5 (Feb 18/19th). Grab your friends and family members and start conquering your food obstacles!!


When: Jan 14/15- Feb 18/19

Cost: $40


Level 1: Take each week as a new challenge and focus only on one item to cut out and one to add in.


Level 2: Build on your habits each week adopting 2 new habits while continuing the previous weeks’ challenge.


**The key here is to be realistic. If you try to take on too much during this challenge you will surely drop off. There is no shame in either level and you should choose the best option for your personality. At the end of this program, you will feel the accomplishment of conquering a new challenge each week and know that you DO have the power to say “no” to those fake foods keeping you from your goals. Sign up at the front desk now to reserve your spot!!