Goblet squats x 10
Forward wall slide w/ reach and ext. rot. x 10
x-band walks x 10/side
TGU x 3/side
birddog x 5/side


week 6 of 12 in this cycle, we will be hitting some test again in week 12

A.1 Back Squat; 75%x5, 80%x3-4 x 2 sets, 70%x8
A.2 DB bent over row x 5/side x 4 sets
12 minute amrap
15 double unders
10 kb walking lunge steps @ 55/35# in each held held at sides
5 Ctb pull ups

Cool down
partner OH stretch x 10 sec. per person x 3 sets
wall stretch x 30 sec. per side

Sweat Sesh