side lying db ext. rot. x 10/side
*half kneeling bottoms up press x 10/side
*monster band lateral walks x 10/side
5-7 minutes of movement prep


A1 Seated Good mornings x 10×3
A2 Strict kb or db press x 8-10×3
A3 Hollow up x 12×3 with 2 sec. hold
3 ply push ups **onto plates
6 double kb russain swings **heavy weight
12 sec. sprint on bike or outside
top of every 2 minutes
x8 minutes

rest 2 minutes

10 minute amrap
5 db burpees to OH, 30/20#
15 double unders
5 ball slams, 50/30#
15 double unders

Cool Down
bench oh stretch x 30 sec.
banded leg stretch x 30 sec. per direction