A Front Squat 1+3 @ 75% where first rep is @ 55×1 tempo and next 2 reps are dynamic x 3 sets
**after each set do pull up drop sets (2-3 weighted pull ups into 8-10 inverted rows or 5-7 supinated chin ups)
Teams of 2 must complete the following
800m run
100 goblet squats @ 35/24# in each hand as a team (while partner holds chin over rings)
200m bear crawl as a team (while partner holds in ring support / or ring plank)
300 double unders as a team (while partner holds bottom position of a squat)
800m run

**partition the reps anyway you want.. team must run together holding a band
**try to scale up the goblet squats to 55/35# in each hand