3-5 minutes of workout prep
x-band walks x10/side
bench oh stretch + ext. rotation and elevation x 8/side
back to wall handstand hold into shoulder shift x 10 sec. x 10 shifts
good mornings x 10 w/ band
goblet squats x10


A. Clean pull under + Front Squat (x3) + jerk dip + power jerk – E2MOTM x 12 minutes **building off feel and comfort with the complex
15 pull ups
30 sec. hang squat clean @ 95/65
200m shuttle sprint (50m out and back x 4)
rest 90 seconds
x4 rounds

cool down
banded leg stretch x 60 sec. per stretch *straight, outside, across
calve stretch x 60 sec. per leg
partner OH stretch x 20 sec.