3-5 minutes of workout prep
ARE squats (goblet)
trap 3 raise
Sumo squat to stand x 10
Push up plus x 10
hollow rock/arch rock x 12/12 x2


A. 3 sec. clean +Clean + Front squat; 1+1+1 – on the 2 minute x 8 minutes
~3 sec. from the ground to above knee, then explode through the clean. Focus on position off the ground
B.1 BB bent over row x 10×3
B.2 Strict Dips x 8×3 ~weighted if you can
“meat slap”
25 back squats @ 225/135
50 T2B
75 cal row

**you can take the bb from the rack for this

Cool Down
Lizard pose x 60 sec. per leg
Childs pose x 60 sec. (shoulder variation)
partner OH stretch x 20 sec. x 2