3-5 minutes of workout prep
sumo squat to stand x 10
TGU x 3/side
kip swing x 10
Hollow to arch hold on ground (12 sec. per) x2-3 sets


A. 1 hip clean + 2 front squat + 1 power jerk – every second minute x 14 minutes
**build across the board from last week by 5-10%
**have your shoulders slightly over the bar for the hip clean
S2OH @ 95/65
100m shuttle run (50m out and back)

*can scale the S2OH up to 115/75 or 135/95
*use Dumbbells if you have mobility issues with the barbell

Cool Down:
bench OH stretch x 60 sec.
calve stretch x 30 sec. per leg
banded single leg stretch x 60 sec. per direction