3-5 minutes of workout prep

sumo squat to stand x 10

single arm farmers walk x 20m per arm

single arm OH walk x 20m per arm

back ext. x 10 w/ 5 sec. hold @ parallel




A.1 Incline CG bench press x 4-5 reps x 5 sets, rest 20 sec. **bench on 2 45# plates for incline

A.2 CG RDL @32×1 x 5 reps x5


10 ring pushups

10 hollow rocks

10 double arm kb swings, 35/24# in each hand **shoulder height only

rst 60 sec.

x4-5 rounds


Cool down:

bench oh stretch x 30 sec. x2

pigeon pose x 40 sec. per leg

wall stretch for hips x 60 sec. hold