bottoms up press x 5/side
Single arm Farmers walk x 20m per side
ARE squats with kb in goblet position
Plank walk out x1 + 10 sec. hold x 5 sets


A. Clean DL + Hang Clean + Front Squat; – E2MOTM x 10 minutes
25 minute amrap
200m shuttle run (50m out and back x 4)
21/18 cal bike
15 T2B
9 strict dips
1 legless rope climb **steated position

*you can scale the dips up to HSPU
*you can adjust the dips to db strict press or CG bench press
*sub for legless rope climb can be 5 double rope strict pull ups or 5 neutral grip ring pull ups

Cool Down
Lizard pose x 60 sec. per leg
Dragon pose x 60 sec. per leg
Calve stretch x 60 sec. per leg
Bench OH Stretch x 60 sec.