CrossFit Milford

Thursday, August 4th, 2016
3 minutes of z1 work
7-9 minutes of mobility / activation work
*ankles, hips, t-spine, shoulders, lats
*foam roll lats
*lacrosse ball scap
*lacrosse ball pec
*foam roll hamstring down to calves
*side lying db ext. rot. x 10/side
*half kneeling bottoms up press
*single leg RDL x 10/side
*single leg balance (scale or hold)


3 rounds of the following
A1 BB front rack reverse lunge step x 30 sec. – alteranting legs, rest 30 sec.
A2 Feet elevated ring rows x 30 sec. @ 2121 tempo, rest 30 sec.
A3 L-sit or tuck hold x 10-20 sec., rest till top of minute
A4 front loaded good morning x 30 sec. @ 212x tempo, rest 30 sec.
18 minutes
100ft. farmers walk – 70/55# per hand
20m seal walk
100ft. heavy sandbag or d-ball carry
2 rope climbs

**rope climb scale to legless for 1, peg board for 1 ascent, or 3 ring or bar MU

Cool Down
bench OH stretch x 30 sec. x 2
wall stretch x 30 sec. per leg x 2