3-5 minutes of workout prep
sumo squat to stand x 10
Goblet skater squats x 10
TGU x 5/side
hollow rock to arch rock (10/10) x 2-3


A. Overhead Squat; x 3 x 3, rest 60 sec. bt. efforts @ 35×1 tempo for each rep
B.1 BB bent over row x 8×3, rest 30 sec.
B.2 Weighted back ext. x 8-10 x3, rest 30-45 seconds
“dirty 30″
30 burpee pull ups
30 Front squats @ 155/95#
30 T2B
30 cal on the AB

~scale the front squat weight as needed… but keep in mind that is should be a bit tougher, not something your smash for 30 fast reps.

Cool Down:
Pigeon pose x 2 minutes per leg
Lizard pose x 2 minute per leg
Partner OH stretch x 20 sec. x 2