3-5 minutes of workout prep

Single leg RDL x 10/side

Lateral squats x 10/side

scap pull ups x 10

Forward wall slides x 10




A.1 Incline Bench Press x5x4, rest 30 sec.

A.2 P-bar Walk x max distance x 4, rest 30 sec. (look to get 1 more trip then last week)

A.3 Ball slam x 20 sec. @ max out put, 30/50 x4, rest 90 seconds


Partner workout for 3 rounds

150 double unders

60 sec. static chin over bar hold

60 sec. Ring dip support hold

60 sec. bottom squat hold, 95/65


*for this workout – you can break up the double unders and holds any way you want for an accumulation of 150 reps, 60 sec., 60 sec. and 60 sec..

**for the squat hold do not allow your midline to go soft or to just bottom out in the squat.  Lower just below parallel and maintain tension throughout body in the bottom.


Cool Down

twisted cross x 60 sec. per arm

banded stretch x 60 sec. per direction

*leg straight, across body, outside