3-5 minutes of workout prep

single leg DL x 10/side

kb lateral squats x 10/side

scap pull ups x 20

support shrugs x 20




A.  Power Clean work – 5-7 minutes

*working on form for the workout.  Building to WOD weight and working on TnG reps for doubles.  The objective here is to keep the integrity of your movement for each rep.  Ensure a good set up and to hit all the positions for each rep in this first part.


“Lift up Luke”

5 minute amrap

4 Power Cleans, 155/105

24 double unders

10 pull ups


**adjust weight for power clean if you need to.  You can move down to any weight that you are comfortable with for 4 unbroken reps at a time while maintaining good form.


~rest 5-7 minutes~


teams of 2:

400m sled push @ 3/1 plates on top (100m out and back x 2) – switching every 30 sec.

1 mile run – steady effort

100 hollow rocks (switching every 10 reps)