Ask Ryan


Ryan has a degree in physical education from Eastern Connecticut State University where he played lacrosse also. After College Ryan taught as a health and physical education teacher for several school districts including Amity Regional, Seymour, and for the State Technical School System. He has also been heavily involved in the sports department at Amity where he is a Ski Racing and Lacrosse Coach.

Ryan found interest in physical fitness in his college years after taking a few strength and conditioning classes. In the years to follow he was always looking for the next best thing. It wasn’t until after college when he read about something called “Crossfit” in a magazine. “At the time, I did not realize that crossfit gyms existed. I thought it was just an online program. I performed what workouts I could at the local big box gym.“ Ryan met Jason Leydon at a certification course where he was invited to Crossfit Milford and eventually became a coach.

Since leaving his teaching position, Ryan has never been happier. He enjoys coaching and is always striving to become better at what he does. He wants to help everyone from the person who has never lifted or exercised before to the most advanced athletes. “Everyday I am blown away by the accomplishments that our members achieve in this environment. I highly recommend our program to anyone looking to make any type of change in their life. Any obstacle that someone may face is easily surmountable after working out here.”

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