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In today’s fitness field, there are not many options for those looking to make a change who have experienced injury or who have not worked out in a long time or at all.  They can join a standard gym where there is no instruction other than the picture on the side of each machine. Or they can hire an expensive, hopefully qualified personal trainer multiple times a week.

Dr. Mike Orefice (chiropractor) and local Conditioning Coach/Athlete Ryan Kononchik have teamed up to create a new style of group personalized training.  Introducing: NEXT class. A thoroughly instructed class that will focus on mobility stretching, functional strength, and varying cardio conditioning to help a variety of with similar fitness goals.

Each hour long class will take the individual needs based of their fitness level and history and apply it to a group workout.  There will be several movement options to choose from to conform with each athletes fitness goals. Nutrition and Lifestyle consulting will be discussed and more personalized options will be available.

This class will start with three classes per week (Tue/Wed//Fri @7am-8am) and will grow based off need and the size of class.

  • Safe & Effective Resistance training for strength development
  • Varying Intensity Cardio workouts for different fitness levels
  • Core Stability exercises to reduce and prevent future injury
  • Professionally led, group training in a fun and interactive environment
  • Convenient Class times and affordable packages

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