Crossfit Open!!!!!!!

Warm up
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of movement prep
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
– db ext.
– kb swing
-du practice


A1. DL x 4 x 3
A2. SA DB OH press, 4/arm x 3
B. DB bench x 6 – 8 x 3 sets
5 min amrap
10 kb swings
5 push ups
rest 3 min
5 min amrap
500 m row
squat thrusts
rest 3 min
5 min amrap
step ups

A.1 DL @ 80% x 1 x 4
A.2 Strict DB shoulder press x 3 x 4
B. dB bench press x 6-8 x 3 sets
5 minute amrap
10 kb swings @ 70/55#
-rest 3 minutes-
5 min amrap
100 double unders
amrap db power snatch *alternating arms (SA KB swings) (55/35)
-rest 3 minutes-
5 minute amrap
max calories – run/row/jump rope/box jumps

Get excited guys!!! The CrossFit season has begun! Join thousands of athletes throughout the WORLD and sign up for the CF Opens! More info. on how to sign up to follow. Check out

Here is some info in the meantime:

Open registration will begin on January 15. More than 138,000 people participated in the Open last year, and this year, the worldwide competition will be even broader and more inclusive.

The first Open workout will be released on Thursday, Feb. 27. The fifth and final Open workout will be released five weeks later on Thursday, March 27.