Different Ways You Can Push Yourself

Different Ways You Can Push Yourself
Written by Cody Burgener from Crossfit Invitus
“I’m tired.” “My body is sore.” ”The workout is to hard or to easy.”
These are just some examples that some, if not all, people go through when they don’t feel like working out. Everyone has those days, which is totally fine, but what happens when these little self talks start happening on a regular basis? How do you push yourself to stop being a sissy, and start being the healthy, sexy person that you want to be? In my blog post, I will be suggesting a couple of ideas on how you can start pushing yourself harder during workouts or even push yourself to just show up to the gym.
My first suggestion is one that I learned from three members of our Invictus family, Tom, Eddie, and Seth. These guys would do the same workout everyday. Whoever had the best time or performed the most weight won a point for the day. After each week, they would add the points up and whoever had the lowest score would have to buy the other two competitors a steak dinner. This might not be the exact competition but you get the gist of it.
A similar style to the one I just stated above would be find someone on the board who’s times you are constantly admiring. Your goal every single day should be to demolish that time that your ‘secret idol’ posted. If you don’t beat it, come in the next day with a hot head, and push yourself harder to inch closer to his or her time.
Another way you can get yourself in the gym is start signing up for any competition that you can do. It can be a local CrossFit competition, marathon, mud run, Ragnar, etc. If you put yourself into a competition, you are going to prepare for that competition, and the only way to prepare for that competition is to get yourself into a gym and push yourself to become a better athlete in your event.
Always set goals for yourself. It doesn’t matter if its a goal that feels like its a long shot or one that feels that can be accomplished within a couple weeks. The goals that feel like a long shot are the best ones. Those are the ones that will keep on pushing you to get into the gym because you will start to see yourself progress closer and closer to that goal. Plus, you feel like a Dodo if you never even try to accomplish your goal.
Short goals are awesome as well. Getting that feeling of accomplishing a movement or losing a certain amount of weight is one of the best feeling a human being can have. Its a feeling that will make you come up with another goal for yourself because you want that bubbly feeling you got last time you succeed in your goal.
These are just some examples that you can use to help push yourself a little harder in the gym. These goals might not work for everybody, so go out and try to find some that work for you. Beach season is coming up, so lets start working for the bodies that you want!

<strong>Warm up</strong>
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of movement prep
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
– TGU 1/side
– GH raises
– broad jump
– double unders

A. HPC – skillwork
B. 5 minute amrap rkb swing sets of 8
-rest 5 minutes-
For time
800m row
30 burpees
400m run

A. HPC – build to HS
-rest 2 minutes
B. 5 minute amrap @ 80% of A
-rest 5 minutes-
For time
800m run
50 burpees
800m run