Happiness and Lifestyle Choices

This is the first of many blog posts where I will explore my findings and outlooks on lifestyle choices.  Lifestyle is not just working out and nutrition.  It is looking at your overall experience on this earth and making the most of it.  


“Happiness is only real when shared” – Christopher McCandless


Where do we find happiness?  We find happiness when watching our children play, while sipping a fresh cup of coffee, taking a bite of that home cooked meal, and when spending time with those we love.  


Where do we think we find happiness? By ordering those new pair of sneakers that were just released, buying our groceries at whole foods, or by taking that job further away from home that will make us more money.


If we look at the above two paragraphs, we can begin to see where our priorities lie when it comes to happiness.  All too often we look to add positives to our life in order to enrich our experiences.  I myself fall into this trap sometimes, but we all do living in a society of consumerism.  I am not saying that we shouldn’t indulge once in a while, but if we are looking to add value to our lives then look to remove the negatives.  


Before I made a career change six years ago, I was working job I did not feel challenged at, underpaid for, and also had me driving Two hours a day in my car.  Something I noticed immediately after my last day of work was the additional time I had.  I was no longer spending ten hours of my week commuting.  This allowed me to enjoy my day more by giving me more time to spend with friends, read, go to the gym, or just simply get more quality sleep.


By taking away a negative in my life, I was able to focus on my new chosen career path and also had more free time to enjoy my life.  I have always been kind of laid back and stress free, because I look at the negatives in this way.  Your goal is to reduce the impact of these factors in your life or remove them completely.
Do yourself a favor and sit down with a paper and pen.  Write a list of all the day-to-day things you do that you do not look forward to and make you stressed out.  Start by choosing one item on that list and think of ways to reduce their impact on you.  Can I reduce my commute to work?, Can I save more money if I spend less on “X”, etc.  These are the questions that will lead you to a more confident and fulfilling outlook on life.