Webster’s dictionary defines happy as “feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of life and/or situation”

So why am I writing about the feeling of happiness? …because when we come into the gym we have to come in with a certain attitude. For me personally I know that I need to be happy, excited, and laughing in order to have a good session. I know that the people I train with have the same attitude that I do towards training.

So I ask you this question, what mentality do you need to have in order to perform at your best? I’ve looked around the gym and found that some people are all business and some people, like Jay, need to be in a calm state. Dan Lo likes to visualize everything he is about to do and have a plan. Ryan Kono is very serious and has a stoic face with every lift. Nitro is an emotional guy and uses all that energy to perform at his best.

I believe that as athletes we have to figure out what is best for ourselves to consistently prepare for each workout. Are you a have a good time kinda person like me? are you calm? are you emotional? a planner? or all business? When we figure that out we can use that to better ourselves as athletes.

What attitude do you need to have to perform at your best? When you figure that out use it to your advantage!

Warm up
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of movement prep
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of work out prep
– PVC pass throughs
– Trap 3 Raise
– Double Unders


A. OHS skillwork x 5 x 3
B. HPS from mid thigh skillwork – 5 min
2 min amrap
6 kb swings
3 burpees
-rest 2 min-
2 min step ups
-rest 2 min-
2 min max distance row
-rest 2 min-
2 min
6 kb swings
3 burpees

A. OHS; 3.3.3, rest 60 sec
B. Snatch from below the knee x 1 x 3 sets *catch in bottom or catch high and ride down or just power snatch
2 minute amrap
3 burpees
3 cTB pull ups
-rest 5 minutes-
2 minute max row/double unders
-rest 5 minutes-
2 minutes on the clock
40 kb swings (70/55)
amrap double unders

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