“Making Time”

I always enjoy seeing members that have not been to the gym in a while return after a time of absence.  We all know that life gets in the way whether it be work, a vacation, or the kids.  Finding a few hours a week to work out can be a struggle for some.

Every member at the gym has experienced a time where they “felt really great” or felt like they were in the best shape of their lives even.  To step away from that is tough, and coming back to the gym knowing you are not what you were can be even harder.
If you ever find yourself in this position, remember: Start with Day 1.  Do not come in with any expectations.  You are here to learn how to move better and to increase your current fitness level.  Crossfit is fun.  It is a breakaway from the traditional gym,  That sense of variance is what attracted you to come through our doors in the first place.  If you are coming in more than once a week then you are doing way better than most of America.  Make that your goal and if you are successful then start to come in more often.
Creating that routine again takes a few weeks.  I am always amazed at the people that schedule their day around their one hour here at Crossfit.  They have made fitness a priority and they understand the positive improvement it will have on other aspects of their life including work and their kids.
Next time you feel a lack of motivation or a sense of busyness that is taking away from your time at the gym, grab a coach, and talk to us.  We’ve heard every kind of story and can probably help you identify your priorities and where your fitness goals should be.