March Updates

A couple gym updates…

Starting April 5th we will be adding a Sunday Class at 10am!  Coach Vin will be leading these training sessions.  The workouts will start with a 15 minute session of skill work.  A few recommendations will be listed such as pullup strength work or Barbell Olympic Drills.  Following the skill session will be a partner based workout.  Ive found these workouts to be very motivating and different from the normal individual workout we usually do.

Fridays at 9am will no longer be a class.  The attendance was extremely low, but if anyone sees it being their regular class and would like me to bring it back, then please email and I will bring it back.

Opens are going great, and I am so proud of everyone that has signed up and is participating.  It is a great marker for knowing where you have been and to look for improvement as the years go on.  There is something to be said about going against the world’s elite and knowing that they have to go through the same thing we all do.  It makes you appreciate your own fitness and helps create goals for the future.

I am looking forward to this spring with the warmer weather coming and being able to open up the garage doors!