Meet Cesar

Going Turbo!

3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of mobility work
*ankles, hips, t-spine
3-5 minutes of workout prep
Wall facing goblet squats
KB Swings (russian)
x-band walk
double unders


A. 2 Position HPC skillwork – 10 min
B.BB Bent over row @2021; 3 x 4 – 6; rest 60 sec
7 min amrap
7 DL @225/155
7 box jumps
7 K2E



I really don’t know how to start this because I am truly humbled to be working with such a great community and representing one of the best Crossfit gyms in the state, Crossfit Milford. I started Crossfitting back in 2008 right before I joined the US Navy. I had a contract to go spec. ops. and wanted to be in the top of my class. When I arrived at the school I passed all my test with top scores but after about a couple months I knew it wasn’t where I belonged. So I choose to the drop the school and become a Hospital Corpman. I was stationed in Japan on board the USS Harpers Ferry and USS Germantown until June 2012. The whole time I was on board I knew I wanted to return to Connecticut to study exercise science, Crossfit competitively, and become a Crossfit coach. My journey has just started but I am currently studying at Southern CT State University, training for the 2014 opens, and I have the pleasure of training you guys and gals here at Self Made soon to be West Haven Crossfit. So I can honestly say that I am living my dream and you guys are allowing me to do that. So lets do work and achieve our goals.