Meet Deb B.

6:30pm class going over front Squat techique
6:30pm class going over front Squat technique

3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 minutes of mobility work
*ankles, hips, shoulders
3-5 minutes of workout prep
good mornings
wall angels
trap 3 raise
double unders
A. 3 Position Power Snatch Skill work – 10 min
B. Push press, 3 x 3 – 5; rest 90 sec
20/30 15/25 10/20
DL @bwt
Box jumps 24/20


Deb B.

About 3 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Crossfit. She knew I wasn’t a gym person and that I loved challenging out of the norm type workouts. She said I would love this Crossfit thing. She was right. It’s been 3 years and I have never looked back. I have always been an athlete growing up. I was a high school diver and track and field, then later in life got into competitive Outrigger Canoeing (think Hawaii-Five-0) and Crossfit added something from a competitive standpoint that always keeps me pushing myself to do better. 2 years ago I decided to get my Level 1 certification but held off on coaching until I reached some personal goals so I can share my experiences with others. Last year I began interning at Crossfit Milford and really found my passion in life. I also used to cook Paleo meals for 18 clients at CFM, so I can help answer any Paleo cooking questions you may have. In the past several months I completed a Mixed Modality Seminar as well as my Crossfit Oly Lifting Certification. I am driven to be the best coach I can be through my own Crossfit journey as well as continuing education. Thank you all for welcoming us into your space and I look forward to meeting and working with each of you. Change is a good thing!