Olympic Lifts


20 Push Press 95/65
10 Pullups

Olympic Lifts

1)      Feet placement

  • your feet should be placed right underneath your hips also known as a good vertical jumping position.
  • Taller athletes might have a slightly wider feet placement.

2)   Grip

  • You can use the hook grip.  The hook grip is wrapping your thumbs around the bar and then your fingers around your thumb.
  • This helps the bar stay firmly in your grip rather going the stupid way and letting the bar slip from your hands
  • Yes, it is uncomfortable but deal with it.

3)   Get torso as vertical as possible/upright back angle

  • This minimizes the torque on your hip and spinal joints.
  • Reduces fatigue on the spinal erectors.
  • allows greater hip extension/better acceleration(this is very important for the lifts).
  • minimizes demand for balance
  • Encourages bar to stay closer to the body.

4)  Legs

  • Toes should be forward or slightly open, so your knees can be slightly flared out.

5)   Head

  • You should be looking straight ahead.  Looking down will just cause your weight to come forward and will round out your back. This is not what you want!

6)   Arms

  • Shoot for vertical arms with your shoulders slightly over the bar.

7)   Bar Placement

  • Bar should be placed over mid foot or as right up against your shins. You should not see your shoe laces.