Paleo Challenge WOD 2

Deadlifts work up to three rep max


14 Min Amrap

8 Pistols

10 KB Swings 1.5/1

12 KB SDHP 1.5/1

14 Pullups


CrossFit can be a bit overwhelming at times, and workouts can seem daunting when they involve skills we may not have or are not comfortable with. A workout can go from a feel good sweat fest, to a frustrating beat down of negativity. Seeing others who may have skills or abilities we dont can be more discouraging than motivational, and at times can send us down a path of negative self talk that stops us from finishing before we’ve even started. I think everyone can admidt they’ve experienced this in some form or another either before during or after the 3…2…1..GO!

What do we do about this? How can we acknowledge where we may be skill level wise, respect that, and then challenge our selves to work harder, get stronger, and do better? In the book Talent Is Overrated, Geoff Colvin investigates what makes great atheletes, musicians, businessmen, ect Great. What sets the Rich Fronning and Annie Thoristor appart from you and I? Were they just born with that “certain something”, blessed, or given some devine gift? Perhaps, but what is more likely, and what Colvin explains, is that these great athletes spend their lives deliberatly practicing their craft. They use every resource they know of, and search out ones they may not. They actively practice the finer points of their craft, spending hours working on the details of the bigger picture. They dont just go through the motions, they eat breath and sleep what they do, essentially “buying into” their craft and becomming it. While most of us do not have the time to do this with crossfit as a whole, we do have enough time to set asside to dedicate ourselves to getting better at the individual skills of CrossFit.

Narrowing in on what you specifically want to get better at and making a plan is the first step towards greatness. As defined by Greg Amundson, Crossfit Goal Setting Founder,

Goal: (noun) A specifically desired end state, expressed in the positive tense, which provides motivation and direction on the path to achievement“.

In the article Croaching the Mental Side of CrossFit, he lays out 3 keys to setting and reaching goals.

1. The athlete must pin down a specific goal with a focused definition. This will give the athlete the ability to lay out a clear, plan and will allow the athlete to determine when their goal has been met.

2. The goal must be defined in a positive tense.

3. The athelte must set a time frame for goals to be reached which is both challenging and realistic. The athlete must also aknowledge “mini” milestones met on the road to the larger goal.

I challenge all of you to set a goal or goals for the new year, be specific and spend some time making a plan to reach these goals. Use your resources(crossfit journal, Selfmade coaches, youtube, the internet) and hone in on what specific skill you want to knock off your crossfit bucket list. If you feel upper body exercises are your foe, pick one, perhaps the pull up, and state I will do 1 body weight pull up by June 1st, 2013 and I will do this by practicing X.

Being as the Summer is right around the corner, I believe this to be the perfect time for we as a group to set some individual goals for 2013. According to a study done by Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University of California, people who wrote down goals, shared them and sent weekly updates to friends were more successful in acomplishing their goals then those who didnt. You have the network of likeminded individuals to support and motivate you, I see no reason why every single one of us shouldnt be able to reach our goals in 2013, small and large.