Paleo FAQs

Backsquats 4×10


3 Rounds
20 Box Jumps (24,20); stand up on the box
20 Pullups

Paleo FAQs

Q: What is Paleo? Why do I even think I want to eat this way?

A: Simply put, Paleo is meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. You want to eat this way because it’s the way our bodies are designed to feed. It’s simple, healthy, well balanced eating. Paleo is also fantastic for improving your athletic performance.

Q: What about potatoes and corn?

A: Not vegetables, sorry. Too high on the gylcemic index, too high a glycemic load.


Q: What’s that mean?

A: The sugar these foods carry is too rapidly delivered into the bloodstream (glycemic index) and the amount is much too dense (glycemic load).

Q: And I should care about that because…?

A: Glucose causes a rise in blood suger. A rise in blood sugar causes your body to produce insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone and one of it’s jobs is to save the extra energy from a blood sugar spike as – wait for it – body fat. So, low, steady blood sugar levels from a diet of fairly low glycemic index foods in appropriate amounts = a lean, healthy you.

Q: There’s no bread on here?

A: No grains here at all. Pretty high on the glycemic index, high glycemic load and the gluten issues.

Q: What about whole grains? Aren’t they good for you?

A: No. The only difference between “whole grain” and refined white flour is the ratio of fiber to the other stuff.