Schedule Update

SelfMade will be running Open Gym Wednesday/ Thursday during normal time and Friday from 6-8am. All the trainers will be up at Regionals, but you still need to get in and get your WOD on!!!!


Get On That Train Baby….

Your motivation tells me a lot.  It tells me what you’ll focus on in the gym, outside of the gym, how you’ll react to my coaching cues.

It also tells me what kind of person you are.  Your motivation in CrossFit conveys your ideals and, in some cases, morals and ethics to the other athletes and myself.

Your motivation is a fire that powers the “locomotive train of progress” (good, right?  I came up with that).  What your motivation is made of, the type of fuel that fire is burning, will determine how powerful it is.

How are you motivated?  Vanity?  Competition amongst peers?  Health?  Happiness?  Do you even know what motivates you in the gym??

And a second question:  In your opinion, what’s the most powerful motivator in CrossFit?