Should/ Shouldn’ts


Gymnastic Skill Work

Forward rolls, kick up to handstand (w/partner), handstand to forward rolls, L-sits, etc.

WOD – Smell what the Rock is cook’n

11 Min AMRAP

1 Rope Climb
6 Cleans (185/115) (135/95)
12 Hollow Rocks

Should/ Shouldn’ts

We’ve all had or thought them… I should do, feel, act, be this way that I’m not currently being or wasn’t being sometime in the past.  What about having them when your at the gym.  Have you ever thought about all the things you should be able to do or be doing:

I should have spent more attention on my health and fitness when I was younger
I shouldn’t have let myself go,
I should be stronger, faster, better than I am,
I should be showing up more often for workouts,
I should be able to keep up with so and so,
I shouldn’t worry about who I’m keeping up with
I shouldn’t use that as an excuse,
I shouldn’t worry about what others think,
I shouldn’t be showing up late,
I should really be early
I should really say hi to someone when I’m in class,
I shouldn’t worry if no one talks to me
I should be able to do that
I shouldn’t have done that
I should be more committed and show up more
I shouldn’t be concerned about…
I shouldn’t let mysel off the hook during workouts
I should really hold back
I shouldn’t be on the team unless I can be totally committed to doing everything
I should have given it a shot anyway

The list is literaly endless… I’m thinking that every one of you can relate to at least one of those shoulds on that list.

Here’s the question… how much time do you want to spend on a should?  Because a should isn’t real… it’s somewhere out there in the future, or back somewhere in the past.  And whether you should or you shouldn’t, it has nothing to do with what you are actually doing right now. Want to truly be effective? Drop the “shoulds”… Try changing the shoulds to “will” and the shouldn’ts to “won’t” in the phrases above. That will get things started in the right direction.

Questions to ponder:  How are “shoulds” getting in the way of you actually living your life?  How much are you “shoulding” rather than “doing”?