“Stop Exercising, Start Training”

“Stop Exercising, Start Training”

Nike’s newest marketing campaign has intrigued me and is actually something I really love. In part, it’s an effort to break back into the more hardcore training community but it is also a way to inspire people to take what they do in the gym more seriously. 

It’s my belief that if you want to be successful in CrossFit you have to “Train” and you cannot just “Exercise.”

So let’s start with the difference between the two terms.

Exercise: activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness

Train: order of occurrence leading to some result, to make prepared for a test of skill

At the outset you would associate “exercise” more with what we do in CrossFit rather than the word “train.” Although when you look deeper into how you really find success in the world of health and fitness you have to make sure you are coming into the gym each day with a goal. Most people get started because they just want to be fit, or they want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is absolutely a huge part of that. Once you realize that CrossFit Milford is more than just health and fitness, you then start to dive deeper into setting a goal in which you train for. When you have something to really train for then just exercising in the gym is not enough. Just going through the motions each class won’t cut it.

When your coach tells you to dig deeper, lift a little more weight, or work a little harder it’s not because they don’t think your aren’t already working hard. But if you want to make steps closer to those goals you set for yourself, then you have to step outside your comfort zone. Constantly pushing those limits when you train is how you get there. 

I encourage you to find a goal and train for it. Whether it’s something in the gym like squatting your bodyweight, running a mile non-stop, or doing your first pull-up. Or it’s something outside the gym like being able to outrun your kids or feeling better about taking your shirt off this summer. Whatever it is, TRAIN for the result you want. 

Coach Trevor