Strict Press 4×8

5 Rds
2 Muscle Ups
30 Wallballs
6 SDHP 135/95


When you hear someone using a training / CrossFit term that you don’t understand, what do you do? Things like:

  • hollow
  • extension
  • flexion
  • open
  • arched back
  • rounded back
  • kip
  • clean
  • snatch
  • thruster
  • bumper plate
  • neuroendocrine response
  • block
  • pace
  • catch
  • stroke rate

Do you make it your business to know what these terms mean? If not, why not? I know a lot of you understand them for brief nano-seconds during workouts, but many times they don’t seem to stick. Does it really matter? You betcha. It’s the common language we use that defines who we are and enables us to function together as a community. Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t know what to do at a green light, or needed to be reminded every time you saw one. If you want to raise your game, watch videos, spend some time doing research, read anything you can get your hands on, subscribe to the CrossFit Journal, and be sure to ask a lot of questions. Mastery includes knowledge, nomenclature and terminology as much as it does physical ability.