The Truths and Myths about Crossfit

1) Crossfit is too hard and you have to be in good shape to do it.

People think that Crossfit is somehow only for athletes are for people are in great shape.  The truth of the matter is that most people that do crossfit are just your average person.  You may see a few people in the walls that seem to be in very good shape.  You will find mothers, teachers, firefighters, business owners and everyone in between working out together.  Everything about Crossfit can and should be scaled to each individual’s body, fitness level, and abilities.

2) Crossfit is the new “trending” workout.

While yes, there are a lot of gyms sprouting up in just about every town.  The truth is that crossfit has always been around.  That is because crossfit is, in a nutshell, a workout that combines exercises from weightlifting, gymnastics, agility work, calisthenics, and traditional cardiovascular workouts.  All of which have been performed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for decades.  Crossfit puts them all together to create a well rounded program for its members

3) People get hurt while doing crossfit.

Although there is inherent risk in any sort of sport, crossfit has no higher risk of injury then say running or weightlifting.  Studies have shown that the injury rates are even lower than most contact sports.  When movements are performed or modified correctly, an athlete can develop good technique, especially when being monitored by a trained professional.  The intensity and level of technique should be performed slowly over time.  Every individual should take responsibility for themselves but also talk to their coaches.