Rope Climbs

WOD – 14 Min AMRAP
5 OHS 75/55
15 Situps
25 Double Unders


We work hard, very hard. Our workouts are not easy, and they never get easier (but we do get better at them). Regularly we drop our blood pH down to a concentration more closely resembling battery acid. We get beat up and feel sore. Sometimes our hands tear, sometimes we get injured. Often we fail. Yet we continue to come back for more day in and day out.


RESULTS. The equation is simple: if you put in the effort you will get fitter. In our society, which often places high value on immediate results with minimal effort, filled with gimmicky quick fix solutions, drugs (including certain prescription drugs and supplements), as well as a mass of information and misinformation regarding fitness and health it is often confusing to understand how to obtain real increase in fitness. The true nature of fitness is chronic adaptation to exercise; thus no quick fix exists, and no drug will ever be as effective to promote health as exercise and proper nutrition.


COMMITMENT. One of the biggest and most important adaptations that must take place for success in CrossFit, and many good things in life, happens not in the body, but in the mind. Learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable builds character and fortitude. Setting and achieving goals builds athletes’ confidence and experience with both success and failure. Working out in a group provides the support and camaraderie to help celebrate success, deal with failure, and keep going when things get hard.  An incredible side effect of pushing though the discomfort of intense physical exertion is that it gives athletes the ability to apply this strength in all other venues in life. Everything gets easier when you believe in yourself and your capabilities; whether getting a little beat up by a barbell, winded by an rower now and then, or getting through any other challenge we may face.