Working Through Change

As a coach, I hear this, or something like it, very often: “Oh man this is tough, I havent been here in a week.” The truth is, you do not lose a lot of strength and/or your cardio output in a week. It takes weeks for significant negative affects to take place. I believe the real struggle people face is the mental one of getting back into a routine that fits their schedule.

There are certain times of year where our schedules change and therefore extra curricular activities, such as working out, move to the back burner. With the new school year starting, it is important to take the time to stop and look at your schedule to see when you can make time for yourself.

We often get caught up in thinking that we have to go to the gym three times a week, or that you have to stick to your specific schedule otherwise it is not worth coming. There is a lot to be said about just trying to make it once or twice a week. If not for the physical portion of it, then the mental aspect of working out. Putting your cell phone down for an hour, letting your significant other worry about the kids, or not having to worry about that project you are working on can do more for mental health than anything else.

If you are having trouble finding the time, sit down and open your schedule. Start by putting in one workout during the week. Once you accomplish that, revisit your calendar and see if you have another time slot that fits. Eventually you will find a routine that fits your new schedule. See you all at the gym!