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Write It!

SO many options exist today for logging your workouts. Why is this important? If your mind is anything like mine, it’s more like a sieve than a scoop. Here are a few reasons why your “sieve” may need some assistance:

1. To allow you to look back and see how you’ve improved.
2. To keep track of your Personal Records – since there are so many in CF it’s impossible to keep track of it all in your head.
3. To help you remember – just the simple act of re-writing what you’ve done will help you “ink it”.
4. To serve as a guide when you come into the gym, so you’ll know how much weight to use for any of the lifts or what to expect of yourself when you see 500 or 1,000m row come up in a WOD.

Now, logging your workouts takes discipline… it’s a habit muscle that needs developing, just like any other habit. Here’s the thing – you don’t have to FEEL LIKE doing it. In fact, in my experience, if you wait until you FEEL like it, you’ll NEVER do it… it’s the ACTION that counts, not how you feel about it. Get it down, in writing. Trust me – you’ll be glad you did.