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Jahan Frias

Savin Strength, Personal Training

Growing up in Miami Florida I was engaged in youth sports and excelled in Soccer throughout High School.  During my free time you could find me at the local surf spot with my friends. After High School I did what everyone else does and joined a “big box” gym where I basically did the same Chest and Biceps routine every day.

In 2013 while looking online for a new workout routine, I came across High-intensity training where I watched these incredible athletes do a swim/Muscle up workout.  I started to take some of the ideas that I found that day and incorporate it into my routine. A year later, I found a local gym where the coaches broke me down and started by fixing my technique.

Eventually I found myself wanting to help others and wanting to teach them what I know.  A passion grew inside of me. I truly enjoy the fact that in this environment we all can connect, communicate, laugh, and suffer together.  We celebrate accomplishments and become better than before.

“The more difficult the victory the greater the happiness in Winning” – Pele

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