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Liz Warren

Liz Warren has taught language arts to children for 23 years, is a part time personal trainer, and a coach at Savin Athletics. She absolutely loves helping people gain confidence and a sense of self through fitness. Liz’s athletic background includes: Collegiate cross country and track and field, Academic All American Cross Country 93-98, 7 year high school track/cross country coach, WNBF pro body builder 2000, NY City marathon qualifier, 5x Crossfit North East regional team, 1x crossfit games team, Qualifier, 2x crossfit games athlete 15-16, NPGL Baltimore Anthem Pro Grid team member, Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt, ex kickboxing instructor, mom of 3 and a dog, overall fitness enthusiast.

“I want to help you get the most out of every minute of work you put in when you’re at the gym. Whether your goals are to be a collegiate athlete, or the best parent you can be. If you put in the effort we can help get you there.”

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We are here ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Our group classes offer a welcoming and supportive environment and our coaches are top notch.
We understand that not everyone is comfortable walking into a group class if they have never taken one before or have been away from the gym for a while. Our private coaching can help you get back into the routine with dedicated training.